Features of our POS SOFTWARES


Shop In Shop

 Our POS software for retail stores can combine various types of shops inside a big retail store. For example, inside a clothing store, each clothing brand has its own sales data and the administration has access to all the brand shops. The software allows to combine all sales together and facilitates sales analysis.  


Card Marketing

You can issue gift cards, points discount cards, membership cards, and all kinds of cards today to boost your sales! 

Design your card yourself! The card can be attached to flyers as well.


Self Service Kiosk

Save hours of waiting time with self-service kiosk can dramatically improve the shopping experience of your customers! This is a perfect solution for fast food or businesses that receive a huge amount of customers daily.  

More amazing features!


Franchise Your Business!

Grow your business with the franchise! The stores sales are synchronized automatically during the night through the synchronization module of the software. The software also supports a synchronization in real time for custoers sales. 


PDA Module

The PDA module (Personal Digital Assistant) makes your point of sale software even more powerful. It allows employees to access orders for table service without the need to go to the POS stations.

PDA VS POS stations: Instead of buying multiple POS stations for fast and fluid service, you can get PDA modules with a POS station.

Order and pay with PDA: Servers can order and pay directly with PDA at the table.

Paying for delivery: The merchant can accept payments with the PDA module.