HauteTechOrientale specializes in POS systems and especially restaurant POS system in Montreal for more than 20 years. The restaurant Point Of Sale system for restaurant is equipped with POS software for restaurant. It is designed to be intuitive and flexible. 

The Point Of Sale software for restaurant is suitable for:

restaurants, catering

fast food

take-out only


The service for the clients of system and the restaurant POS software in Montreal, Ottawa and all regions of Quebec is 24/7.

Discover the cool features of the POS software!

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Additional features of the restaurant POS software


Take Orders With Tablet!

No more troubles for taking orders with paper and pencil! With the tablet, servers are more efficient and faster with the controls of orders. The orders go directly to the kitchen, which reduces the customer waiting time and servers have more time for a better table service. 


Flexibility In Every Aspect!

The point of sale (POS) software for restaurants EcoPos guarantees total and incredible flexibility on ways to manage the addition of a command. You can have the bill per person with the same order number on all the additions of an order. You can also combine the separate additions to one order.



During the design period of the POS software for restaurants EcoPos, safety is the priority of the programming team. The POS software allows you to have up to 4 levels of security: servers, cashiers, director and administrator.