Retail POS system in Montreal

Retail POS System in Montreal

Are you tired of looking for a retail POS system in Montreal? Well, here ends your journey!

Retail POS system is equipped with the easiest and most powerful retail POS software in Montreal. 

The POS system is perfect for the sectors:

  • groceries
  • apparel stores
  • depanneurs
  • convenience stores
  • electronics stores
  • and more

Again, the service for our customers of POS system and software in Montreal, Ottawa, Gatineau and all regions of Quebec is 24/7.

Discover the cool features of POS softwares.

Also, find out which All-In-One POS terminal fits your needs best!

Additional Features of the retail POS SOFTWARe


Inventory Management

The EcoPos POS software fore retail allows you to track and manage inventory easily and efficiently. With the bar code scanner, everything becomes easier! 


Multi-Store Management

With the functionality of multi-store software, you can manage multiple stores easily. 

The sales data are synchronized during the evening through the synchronization module of the software. A synchronization in real time is also achievable for customer sales data.


Work From Home

You can manage your store while staying at home !. You can view the status of sales and prepare orders. You can do even more if you connect POS accessories like receipt printer to your computer at home.