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HauteTechOrientale is accumulating experience in the field of Point of Sale Systems in Montreal for more than 20 years. The suggestions of our customers are of immense value and help us to design better and better Point Of Sale softwares. At the same time, we offer a efficient and reliable 24/7 service for customers of our point of sale (POS) systems in Montreal, Ottawa and all regions of Quebec. 


Affordable POS System

You already have a computer and are looking for only a point of sale software (POS)?

No problem! POS softwares offered by HauteTechOrientale are flexible to be compatible with most POS machines. You can also shop our site for the accessories to complete your POS system. 

Poweful POS Softwares

EcoPos POS software includes several features, some of which are very unique as self-serve kiosks and PDA modules.  

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Simple POS Softwares

Even our POS software are powerful, they are simple to master and our customers are comfortable with the software after only ten minutes of training. 

Versatile POS Systems

We offer POS software:

  • restaurants
  • fast food
  • cafeterias
  • clubs, bars
  • grocery stores
  • convenience stores
  • frozen yogurt, dairies
  • spa, sauna
  • renting movies / books / manga / etc.
  • etc

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More and More Accessories

Not only do we offer a diverse collection of Point Of Sale Softwares and all-in-one POS terminals, we also offer durable accessories designed for POS systems and cash registers. 

Accessories are:

  • thermal printer receipts
  • barcode reader
  • balances
  • Cash drawer
  • upcoming features of!

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Always There for You

The service is 24/7 and no more waiting time!

What makes for a complete POS solution?

All-In-One POS Terminal


POS Software




SRM for restaurants/bars in Quebec

Acquisition of an SRM for restaurants and bars is necessary

Revenu Quebec requires that restaurants and bars in Quebec to have a Sales Recording Module (SRM). HauteTechOrientale is a certified installer of SRM and our point of sale software for restaurants and bars are compatible with the SRM.