Sales recording module (SRM) in Montreal, Quebec

Services for the SRM

Our point of sale systems are perfectly compatible with the Sales Recording Module (SRM) and HauteTechOrientale is a certified installer by Revenu Quebec for the SRM in Montreal and all the regions of Quebec. 

Here are the services offered by HauteTechOrientale for Sales Recording Module in Montreal: 

  • You can get an SRM from HauteTechOrientale for your business. The installation and activation are provided by us.
  • If you already have an SRM, we also offer the services such as activation and deactivation for your RAM. 
  • If your SRM is defective, you can contact us and inquire the possible solutions to your situation. 



How to use SRM?

When you purchase the SRM from HauteTechOrientale, the training is included. If you're still curious, you can learn more with the SRM user manual. 

SRM Technical guide